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Cure Resin

Brand: Glass Polish Model: 22104
Pit Fill is a thicker repair resin and is used to fill the pit when completing a repair.Made from advanced resin formula 5 times stronger than then the original glass.Ideal for completing all types of glass and plastic crack and chip repairs.Provides exceptional curing speed and bonding strength.&nb..
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 22105
Thin resin is a professional crack and chip repair solution that works with any glass or windscreen repair system. Made from advanced resin formula up to 5 times stronger than the original glass. Provides exceptional curing speed and bonding strength. Clear and permanent repair that won't ..
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Thin Resin and Pit Filler UV Cure Bundle Thin Resin and Pit Filler UV Cure Bundle
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 22109
Bundle contains:• Thin Resin 20 ml (0.67 oz)• Pit Filler 10 ml (0.33 oz)Recommended using with curing film.Thin resin and Pit Filler require natural or artificial ultraviolet light to cure...
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 22110
Curing Film Tabs for windscreen and rock chip repairs.  Pack of 20 pre-cut tabs. Creates an oxygen barrier for repair resin to cure under  UV rays.Size: 85 x 60 mm..
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