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Cerium Oxide Fine Grade 5kg / 11 lbs

Cerium Oxide Fine Grade 5kg / 11 lbs
Cerium Oxide Fine Grade 5kg / 11 lbs

5kg  / 11 lbs Fine Grade Cerium Oxide - powder form glass polishing solution delivers an uniform particle size on average 2.5 microns.
Removes surface marks, hairline scratches, water damage, stains, lime scale and also used as final polishing step in multi-stage glass scratch repair process.
Can be used on any type of glass including automotive glass, toughened / tempered  glass.
Suitable for use with rotary electric device and felt polishing pad at 1000 - 1500 rpm's  


* This product is not suitable for deep scratch removal.  Scratches deeper than 50 microns / 0.002 of an inch in depth ( scratches that you can feel or catch with your fingernail)
* Glass polishing can be a lengthy process, on account of the composition of most glass surfaces. In some cases, more than one attempt may be required.
* NOT suitable for mobile phones, tv's, laptops, tablets repairs.

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Colour White / Yellow
Size 5kg / 11 lbs / Bag
Purity TREO 95%
Grade 2.5 microns average particle size
Use with Felt polishing pad and electric rotary device, also suitable to use by hand for cleaning.
RPM 1500-2500rpm
Features High suspension in water
Use for Final polishing to polish abrasive marks, glass blemishes, scuffs, light scratches and limescale mineral deposits, also used to deep clean and restore the shine and performance of glass surfaces.

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