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Wheel Wash & Protect

Brand: Gliptone Model: GT3022
GLIPTONEO most durable spray polymer sealant. RIMGUARD® forms a semi-permanent, high heat resistant, barrier of protection.Safe for use on all wheel surfaces to protect against wear, oxidation, winter road salts, unsightly break dust and road film build up, etc. Other uses include coating of front g..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT15922
GLIPTONE® METAL WASH PLUS is a highly effective metal cleaner that safely and effectively removes grime, oxidation and corrosion without dulling, chalking, whitening or stripping the polished metal finish. Restores original brilliance fast and easy. Nanopolymers bond to metal surface adding protecti..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT2522
Wheel, Rim Cleaner that safely and effectively removes brake dust, road grime and surface rust while leaving a heat resistant polymer coating of protection that protects against future soil build up.Leaves Wheels, Rims clean and shiny.Spray-on, rinse off formula, eliminates scrubbing. Professional g..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT1822
Premium Professional quality exterior dressing for tires, moldings, bumpers and vinyl trim. Unsurpassed shine and durability by any product on the retail market today! Penetrates surface to produce a long lasting and water repellent shine.Beads water off your tires as if they were waxed!..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT1516
The greatest protection and gloss of any tire & trim dressing. Thick, easy-to-apply gel allows for maximum control during application. Will not run or drip. It spreads easily and stays where you put it. Ideal for tires, especially low profile performance tires, it will not "sling" dressing onto ..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16932
GLIPTONE GT IRON EATER is a fast acting, pH Neutral gel formula that clings to surfaces providing added dwell time and exceptional cleaning action. The pH neutral formulation makes this product a much safer alternative then Acid-based wheel cleaners and surface contaminant removal. Gliptones first p..
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Gliptone - Tire and Wheel Bundle
-49 %
Model: GB5
Bundle Contains:Rimguard polymer protectionTrue Blue Tire ShineMagtastik Wheel-Rim Cleaner..
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