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Brand: Liquid Leather Model: 92007
Liquid Leather Scented Aroma PadThe traditional smell of ‘real’ leather is a rare and wonderful thing. These days modern tanning techniques mean that leather just doesn’t have the smell that it used to. Our long-lasting aroma pad has  that unmistakable smell, so you can have the scent of real p..
Ex Tax:€9.75
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT19008
236ml (8 oz)  GLIPTONE's Anti-Static formula to aid in the removal of pet hair, lint, and light soiling for the interior or exterior of your vehicle.Anti-Static formula provides light duty cleaning action removing dust, fingerprints, smudges and gummy residue. Helps release stubborn pet ha..
Ex Tax:€10.56
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT26922
Excellent for vinyl wrap and primer painted vehicles. The formula gently cleans, conditions and protects the surface from damaging UV, harsh detergents and environmental pollutants while maintaining a rich, non-glare, low-luster, finish. Professional grade, non-streaking, ‘Spray-n-Wipe’ formula that..
Ex Tax:€14.59
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16222
GLIPTONE's SAP OFF provides excellent and immediate results on fresh and dried-on sap, tar, and bug residue. Specifically formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve tough tree sap and pine pitch without causing any damage to paint, glass, or plastic surface...
Ex Tax:€13.78
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16932
GLIPTONE GT IRON EATER is a fast acting, pH Neutral gel formula that clings to surfaces providing added dwell time and exceptional cleaning action. The pH neutral formulation makes this product a much safer alternative then Acid-based wheel cleaners and surface contaminant removal. Gliptones first p..
Ex Tax:€24.35
Gliptone - Paint Care Bundle
-22 %
Model: GB4
Bundle Contains:Pro Buff Cleaner WaxPlatinum Series Paint Sealant Clear-Coat CompoundClear Coat Polish..
€56.87 €73.13
Ex Tax:€56.87
Auto Paint Care and Protection Kit
-30 %
Model: Bundle_12_2020_1
Get your car protected before the winter.To keep your vehicle clean and protected all winter long make sure to thoroughly wax your car before the cold weather hitsOur Kit is designed for use with a rotary polisher.  Kit includes:•150mm Hook and Loop backing pad, • Polishing Foam• Cutting Foam• ..
€50.37 €72.32
Ex Tax:€50.37
Gliptone - Interior Clean Bundle
-49 %
Model: GB2
Bundle Contains:Express Polish Surface ProtectionExpress Interior DetailerOdor Goblin - Odor Elimination System..
€26.79 €52.80
Ex Tax:€26.79
Gliptone - Tire and Wheel Bundle
-49 %
Model: GB5
Bundle Contains:Rimguard polymer protectionTrue Blue Tire ShineMagtastik Wheel-Rim Cleaner..
€21.91 €43.05
Ex Tax:€21.91
Gliptone - Clean and Protect Bundle
-48 %
Model: GB6
Bundle Contains:Sap off SprayBody Gloss spray-n-wipeMetal Wash Plus Cleaner..
€21.10 €40.61
Ex Tax:€21.10
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