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Paint Washing & Prep

Brand: Gliptone Model: GT71110
Gliptone Body Clay Bar #1 ideal for removing contaminants such as: paint over-spray, rail-dust, bug residue and various airborne pollutants from vehicle surfaces and creating an ultra smooth and clean surface that is ready for wax, polish, and or paint sealant. This product is the most user friendly..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT1722
Environmentally safe formulation yet extremely powerful. Can be diluted as much as 10:1, 15:1 or used full strength for tough grease! Works great to clean and degrease engines, fender wells, rocker panels, door jambs, grease stains from carpet, venal, plastic, seat-belts, upholstery, road film and t..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT2822
GLIPTONE® TOTAL BODY PROTECTION with Glipguard® brings durability in a spray ‘detailer-type’ product, to a whole new level.This formula works best on dry surfaces, but can also be used on wet surfaces. It can be diluted up to 75% with water to function well as a lubricant for Gliptone’s BODY CLAY BA..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16222
GLIPTONE's SAP OFF provides excellent and immediate results on fresh and dried-on sap, tar, and bug residue. Specifically formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve tough tree sap and pine pitch without causing any damage to paint, glass, or plastic surface...
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT0616
Safe for all paint finishes. Cleans and waxes in one step. For hand and machine use. Removes fine scratches and oxidation.Easy to apply, easy to remove. Contains #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax for premium shine and durability.This product is outstanding for slightly oxidized boats, campers and snowmobile..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT0816
Designed for paint finishes that are new, clean and very well maintained. Clear coat car wax with Clirilium. Polishes and protects all clear coat finishes with the very latest in car care technology. Lasting micro by an application of GLIPTONE's Step 3 Clear Coat Polish or paint sealant...
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT86032
A unique liquid formula that removes water spot stains and mineral deposits from most glass, fiberglass and painted surfaces. Helps restore optical clarity by removing debris that has built over time. DO NOT USE on windshields or plastic surfaces...
Model: GB4
Bundle Contains:Pro Buff Cleaner WaxPlatinum Series Paint Sealant Clear-Coat CompoundClear Coat Polish..
€50.74 €68.50
Model: GB6
Bundle Contains:Sap off SprayBody Gloss spray-n-wipeMetal Wash Plus Cleaner..
€18.17 €36.35
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