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Interior Detailing

Brand: Liquid Leather Model: 92008
Liquid Leather Scented Air Freshener / 3 packThe reason leather does not have that ‘real leather’ smell nowadays is due to the modern tanning process. These days  most leather is chrome tanned which means that the traditional smell we all associate with leather is lost. Our leather air freshene..
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Brand: Liquid Leather Model: 92007
Liquid Leather Scented Aroma PadThe traditional smell of ‘real’ leather is a rare and wonderful thing. These days modern tanning techniques mean that leather just doesn’t have the smell that it used to. Our long-lasting aroma pad has  that unmistakable smell, so you can have the scent of real p..
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Brand: Liquid Leather Model: 92000
250 ml ( 8.4 oz) Liquid Leather Protection Cream. Leather dries out with heat and sunlight and should be restored at least three times a year to re-establish the original nutrient content. GT13.5 Protection Cream softens semi-aniline leather and restores its durability and patina while adding a prot..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT19008
236ml (8 oz)  GLIPTONE's Anti-Static formula to aid in the removal of pet hair, lint, and light soiling for the interior or exterior of your vehicle.Anti-Static formula provides light duty cleaning action removing dust, fingerprints, smudges and gummy residue. Helps release stubborn pet ha..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT1722
Environmentally safe formulation yet extremely powerful. Can be diluted as much as 10:1, 15:1 or used full strength for tough grease! Works great to clean and degrease engines, fender wells, rocker panels, door jambs, grease stains from carpet, venal, plastic, seat-belts, upholstery, road film and t..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT2222
GLIPTONE’S Express Interior Detailer is a professional grade, non-greasy, ‘spray-n-wipe’ formula that provides light duty cleaning and conditioning to all automotive interior surfaces. Safe and effective on vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood grain and painted interior panels. Removes dirt, dust, fingerpri..
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Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16422
GLIPTONE's Glass Cleaner is a non-streak formulation that requires no dilution. This Glass Cleaner repels dust and debris, while keeping glass cleaner longer. Perfect for all glass and hard surface cleaning applications. Will Not Harm Window Tint Film..
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Gliptone - Interior Clean Bundle
-49 %
Model: GB2
Bundle Contains:Express Polish Surface ProtectionExpress Interior DetailerOdor Goblin - Odor Elimination System..
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