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Clean and Polish

Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15010
✔️The best glass and mirror cleaner available. ✔️660 ml Glass and Mirror Cleaner✔️Used by our technicians every day.✔️No smear formula, quick action, ideal for any type of glass and mirrors...
Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15001
Pack of 3 pads Ø: 125 mm / 5'’Ultra-Soft Foam with nano cells Washable and reusable Soft foam for smooth application of conditioners, lotions, gels, dressings, cleaners. Ideal for use on All leather, vinyl, rubber surfaces. Automotive Paintwork waxing. Suitable for use with beeswax on wooden fu..
Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15013
Pack of 2 pads Ø: 125 mm / 5'’Soft Foam with microfibre layerComfortable gripDurable Washable and reusable Soft foam for smooth application of conditioners, lotions, gels, dressings, cleaners. Ideal for use on All leather, vinyl, glass, metal, plastic surfaces. Automotive Paintwork waxing...
Brand: Liquid Leather Model: 92000
250 ml ( 8.4 oz) Liquid Leather Protection Cream. Leather dries out with heat and sunlight and should be restored at least three times a year to re-establish the original nutrient content. GT13.5 Protection Cream softens semi-aniline leather and restores its durability and patina while adding a prot..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT19008
236ml (8 oz)  GLIPTONE's Anti-Static formula to aid in the removal of pet hair, lint, and light soiling for the interior or exterior of your vehicle.Anti-Static formula provides light duty cleaning action removing dust, fingerprints, smudges and gummy residue. Helps release stubborn pet ha..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT71110
Gliptone Body Clay Bar #1 ideal for removing contaminants such as: paint over-spray, rail-dust, bug residue and various airborne pollutants from vehicle surfaces and creating an ultra smooth and clean surface that is ready for wax, polish, and or paint sealant. This product is the most user friendly..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT2222
GLIPTONE’S Express Interior Detailer is a professional grade, non-greasy, ‘spray-n-wipe’ formula that provides light duty cleaning and conditioning to all automotive interior surfaces. Safe and effective on vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood grain and painted interior panels. Removes dirt, dust, fingerpri..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT2122
Premium quality water based, silicone dressing. Restores and renews. Works great on dashboards, plastic, vinyl door panels, consoles, air vents and interior rubber and trim Try it on tires, vinyl tops, hoses, and engine compartments. Can be diluted 50/50 with water to maximize economy and contr..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT15922
GLIPTONE® METAL WASH PLUS is a highly effective metal cleaner that safely and effectively removes grime, oxidation and corrosion without dulling, chalking, whitening or stripping the polished metal finish. Restores original brilliance fast and easy. Nanopolymers bond to metal surface adding protecti..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT26922
Excellent for vinyl wrap and primer painted vehicles. The formula gently cleans, conditions and protects the surface from damaging UV, harsh detergents and environmental pollutants while maintaining a rich, non-glare, low-luster, finish. Professional grade, non-streaking, ‘Spray-n-Wipe’ formula that..
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT16222
GLIPTONE's SAP OFF provides excellent and immediate results on fresh and dried-on sap, tar, and bug residue. Specifically formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve tough tree sap and pine pitch without causing any damage to paint, glass, or plastic surface...
Brand: Gliptone Model: GT1822
Premium Professional quality exterior dressing for tires, moldings, bumpers and vinyl trim. Unsurpassed shine and durability by any product on the retail market today! Penetrates surface to produce a long lasting and water repellent shine.Beads water off your tires as if they were waxed!..
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