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Health and Safety

Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15005
These Safety Glasses provide excellent eye protection in Great style, designed with soft rubber temples and a nose-piece which allows all-day comfort. Coated scratch-resistant lenses, and a convenient neck cord.The polycarbonate lenses meet the ANSI Z87.1 rating and have 99.9 percent UV protect..
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15007
Made from soft PU foam, the plugs expand gradually and so conform to exactly the size and shape of the ear canal.Very high SNR rating for excellent protection in very noisy environments.Available in corded versions. SNR 37dB..
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15004
Pack of 20 FFP2 NR Premium Performance Dust Mask - Respiratory Protection. Filter up to 99% of airborne particles. Respiratory protects against harmful, dangerous, hazardous aerosols (dust, fumes, mist, viruses, bacteria, etc.).It can be used in almost any area of industry, agriculture, or everyday ..
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Brand: Glass Polish Model: 15011
Made from soft comfortable TPE material to ensure optimum fit. Available with a wide range of cartridges and particulate filters.Filters simply twist and lock in place and can be used in any combination enabling the same mask to protect against gases, particulates or both together.Mask is supplied w..
Ex Tax:€21.91
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